In [ ]:
import saio
import getpass
import oedialect
import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
In [ ]:
user = input('Enter OEP-username:')
token = getpass.getpass('Token:')
In [ ]:
oep_url = '' #'' #''
oed = f'postgresql+oedialect://{user}:{token}@{oep_url}'
In [ ]:
engine = sa.create_engine(oed)
In [ ]:
saio.register_schema("supply", engine)
In [ ]:
from import wind_turbine_library as wind_turbine_library
In [ ]:
# the structure of the table in the local object wind_turbine_library
In [ ]:
# using saio to download data into a pandas dataframe
Session = sessionmaker(bind=engine) # creates session class
session = Session() # instantiates a session
turbines = saio.as_pandas(session.query(wind_turbine_library))
In [ ]:
# the data of the table is now in the local pandas dataframe turbines

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