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You can filter the attributes to compare the models by clicking the categories below. If you only want to compare a selection of models you can filter them by using the colored tags below.

Select tag filter:

You can select models by chosing one or more tags. If you want to tag models you can set tags by editing the model. You can also define a new tag and add that to the group of models that you want to compare. You can also define a new tag.

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Fact Sheet objectives: The Fact Sheets are made to...
  • Find models/frameworks for your needs or just get an overview about the existing ones
  • Compare a selection of models for different purposes - e.g. to develop a strategy to link them
  • Store your model/framework information to provide transparency
More info here
Use case example model Fact Sheet: For a European pathway simulation (EPS) we want to choose the models that best meet our requirements. All partners include their models in the Model Fact Sheets and tag them with “EPS”. To compare the models we filter all “EPS” models and choose different characteristics that we want to compare. OEP will give us tables (views) that facilitate the comparison.