Authors: Hannah Förster, Anne Siemons (Öko-Institut)
License: CC BY 4.0:
Last update: 2021-08-17

Disclaimer: This FAQ tutorial will grow over time and answer key questions for using the Open Energy Platform (OEP).

API: How can I work with data on the OEP using the API?

There are a few API tutorials available that may come in handy:
API tutorial 1 - Introduction to the OEP-API and basic table operations,
API tutorial 2 - Advanced OEP-API data queries using query parameters,
API tutorial 3 - Plot data and spatial data,
API tutorial 4 - Process query result data and save to file.

Clone: How do I clone the OEP?

Cloning the OEP is described in the GitHub repository oeplatform.

Data upload: How can I upload data tables to the OEP when I am not familiar working with APIs?

If you want to use an interface, you can upload data tables with our Upload Wizard. How to use it, is described in the corresponding Upload Wizard Tutorial.

If you would like to learn how to upload data tables with the API, we recommend our Beginners Guide (Section 2.1). This guide includes code snippets that you can use to get familiar to this approach.

Data upload: How can I upload data to the OEP using the API?

You can read the API documentation and then build your custom queries for data upload. The Beginners Guide (Section 2.1) provides some code snippets if you want to take a short-cut.

Licenses: How do I find the license of a data table?

Each table published on the OEP comes with metadata information attached. Metadata is displayed below the data table. If the contributor of the data table has provided the information, you will find the license under which you can re-use the data in the metadata under Licenses. Example: Global warming potentials from IPCC Assessment Reports. Look for this part of the metadata:

Metadata review: How can I contribute?

Currently, the data review takes place in the GitHub repository data-preprocessing. If you are interested to support with reviews, please read the manual on data review and get in touch with us, so we can add you to the reviewer team. Please let us know your GitHub handle when you get in touch.

OEO development: How do I suggest a new term for the OEO?

You can suggest new terms to the OEO by posting an issue in the GitHub repository ontology.
We follow a certain discussion workflow and invite you to post issues based on this workflow.
We also recommend to consult our How-to-participate guide on the OEO's Wiki.

OEP development: How can I contribute?

The whole development process of the OEP is Open Source, thus anyone can contribute to the OEP development. To do so, please read the carefully.

If you find bugs or if you have ideas to improve the Open Energy Platform, you are welcome to add your comments to the existing issues on GitHub.
You can also fork the project and get involved.

Please note that the platform is still under construction and therefore the design of this page is still highly volatile!

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