When requiring open data when funding research. All data generated in publicly funded research projects should be available to the public and the modeling community for reuse. This means the following 6 points should be fulfilled:

  1. All data should be available in machine-readable formats.
  2. All data is accompanied with metadata.
  3. Provide detailed and up-to-date documentation. The documentation should include de-tailed information about measurement and estimation techniques.
  4. The final data should be published under an open license. To facilitate analysis and reuse, data should be published under an established open license. We recommend a public domain dedication; where this is not possible, an attribution license is the second best choice, such as Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. See also Open Data Licenses
  5. The data should be published through centralized platforms, which permit download of data in bulk, be version controlled, and be permanently available, preferably through a Digital Object Identifier and provide API web access.
  6. All uploaded data from third parties should indicate who holds intellectual property rights. It must be transparent to users as to who holds the intellectual property rights.

more detailed information on these topics con be found in Open Data for Electricity Modeling

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