Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD) (GENeSYS-MOD)

Global MODEX OSeMOSYS open_MODEX 2017
Name Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD)
Methodical Focus energy systems , sector coupling , country studies
Institution(s) Technische Universität Berlin, DIW Berlin
Author(s) (institution, working field, active time period) Konstantin Löffler, Thorsten Burandt, Karlo Hainsch, Dr. Pao-Yu Oei
Current contact person Konstantin Löffler
Contact (e-mail)
Website -
Primary Purpose The Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD) calculates the lowest-cost-solutions for the transition pathway towards largely decarbonized energy systems. It includes the three demand sectors electricity, heat, and transport and utilizes a large set of available technologies to be considered. GENeSYS-MOD is based on the GAMS version of the OSeMOSYS framework, which has been enhanced and expanded. The first version of GENeSYS-MOD covered a global model application, as well as model additions, such as new transportation equations and a new trade system. GENeSYS-MOD v2.0 is currently in development (planned release 2018) and will feature even more upgrades and additions, including endogenous grid expansion capabilities, changes to intertemporal efficiency calculations, and performance optimization. GENeSYS-MOD can either be used as a model application (with all data being made publically available) , or as a model framework for own implementations and expansions.
Support / Community / Forum
Framework OSeMOSYS
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Source of funding -
Number of devolopers less than 10
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Open Source
License Apache Licence
Source code available
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Data provided some
Cooperative programming
Modelling software GAMS
Internal data processing software
External optimizer
Additional software
Citation reference
Citation DOI 10.3390/en10101468
Please list references to reports and studies which were produced using the model -
Larger scale usage -
Modeled demand sectors demand simulation, feed-in simulation
Link to API documentation -
API to openmod database
Points/degree of abstraction
Models using this framework GENeSYS-MOD Global, GENeSYS-MOD Europe (currently WIP)

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