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Open Source
License GNU GPL Licence
Name urbs
Acronym urbs
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Institution(s) Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems (TUM-ENS)
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General Problem Scope -
Specific Problem Scope -
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Research questions -
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External Solver -
Input Data Format -
Auto model generator
data preprocessing
Output Data Format -
data postprocessing
plotting functionalities
The analytical approach -
Additional software
interfaces -
The mathematical approach -
The underlying methodology -
Objective function type -
Open Source
License GNU GPL Licence
Code availability -
Data availability -
Data provided some
Open to developers
Support -
Modelling software Python; Pyomo
Internal data processing software Pandas (Python)
External optimizer
Additional software
Fixed units
Renewable Technology Inclusion -
Storage Technology Inclusion -
Transport Demand -
Residential Demand -
Commercial Demand -
Agricultural demand
Grid model -
Cost Inclusion -
New components
Variable time step
Variable rolling
Commonly used time step -
Commonly modelled time horizon -
Reference Studies/Models -
Citation reference -
Citation -
Projects using the framework -
Model usage -

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You can also fork the project and get involved.

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